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Our Principles

Rise for the Second

Rise for the Second cherishes our right to bear arms. The second amendment protects against two fundamental errors underlying the modern American obsession with "Gun Control":

The first error is that humans are fundamentally good. Unfortunately, humans can be disturbingly unstable and violent. It is naive, unfortunately, to believe in "man's fundamental goodness". Even if just 5% of our population were mentally unstable and/or prone to violence, that would put 15,000,000 such people in our midst or 300,000 in each of our States. This leads by direct line to the right of self defense. The only equalizer for people in the face of aggressive violence is a gun. People have an absolute right to self defense and this means guns are a fundamental right for individuals and families to defend themselves against unjust aggressors.

The second error is that "democracies" are de facto worthy of the name and that they will continue to be so in perpetuity. People have a right collectively to defend themselves against a tyrannical government. It is historically ignorant to say "such things could never happen in the United States". In fact, the only commonality of history is people keeping unjust governments at bay through collective and organized defense. The post liberal optimism around liberal democracy's merits, while in many ways well founded, cannot fall complacent to governments tendency toward the further eclipse of rights.

In summary, instead of fracturing our attention between the endless flood of bills, legal initiatives, and groups, we seek a cultural renewal. This renewal will hold high the positive values of sportsmanship, hunting, and most importantly the individual and collective right and necessity of self defense. The right to defense is truly inalienable. If you support the second amendment and stand against the erroneous desire to limit this right's breadth, please join us by signing the petition and pledging to be a positive and responsible citizen in our great county.

The second amendment is a bulwark against thugary, gangs, violence and tyranny. Good and law-abiding citizens who nobly and responsibly bear arms make our world safer, secure peace for future generations, and enable us to more easily live in gratitude for the gifts we share.